Automotive apparel inspired by car culture.


All of my designs for Speedcarna first start off as drawings as its my favourite way of creating ideas. Then after I’ve got the final idea down on paper I use it as a reference image to usually create the finished artwork in digital form on computer. Even though it would save a whole lot of time and a lot of paper to start off my designs digitally I always hand draw to keep me drawing skills in check. But it also is super cool to do hand drawn pieces in general anyway.

For my first six designs my idea behind them was to represent the best parts of cars that I and every other car enthusiast love. Those best bits being inspired by the sound, speed and the feeling cars give us and the culture that unites us and the cars together. AKA the best culture in the world!


For the clothing I chose hoodies and tees that were in the current fashion trend as well as being high quality and super comfy to wear. For me in the past I’ve had the odd clothing that just doesn’t fit quite right so when I was doing r&d it was my main priority to find clothing that I wanted to wear myself.

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